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Greg's bracketology

It's almost that time of the year ladies and gentlemen. Here's a quick look at who I think deserves to be in the tournament currently and who I think will get the auto bids.

1. Duke

The top 3 ACC teams seem to be interchangeable but I truly think Duke is the favorite this year. O'neill has proven that he is the best player in the country and their defense is looking better and better each game.

2. UVA

This team cannot beat Duke even with Payton Cormier doing everything he can. I think Schutz needs to step up against Duke if they meet again. My preseason favorite still is scary but these two losses are very scary. Shelly needs to find his game again.

3. Notre Dame

Eric Studson and the KavaJUUL brothers are electric. The defense is filled with roid rage freaks and this team is poised for a deep run.

4. Maryland: BIG 10 Champs

An auto bid that already deserves this seed. The best defense in the nation and maybe the best goalie in the country.

5. Penn State

Posey is the best pole in the nation. One of those guys who I'd be proud to have date my daughter. Hopefully, they don't stink against Michigan tonight but man they might be back.

6. Cornell IVY

Ivy League is a joke this year only team that might win a first-round game.

7. Johns Hopkins

Sleeper team right here, when they get hot they look very scary. Angelus spends weekends in the Baltimore slums to toughen himself for May.

8. Georgetown: Big East Champs

Big East favorites have completely turned their season around, look for them to make a run.

9. Villanova

Would not want to play these guys in round one, would be an absolute battle between the Hoyas and the Wildcats

10. Army: Patriot Champs

Elf bar's and AR-15s. Nuff said.

11. Syracuse

Upset watch if this team plays Cornell. They are looking better and better and may have the tools to surprise a few teams. Their losses are against the 4 top teams and then once against UNC. With their win this weekend, I think they deserve the 4th ACC spot in the tournament. Nick Caccamo definitely boned the entire UNC women's lacrosse team this weekend. UNC's losses are much worse than the Orange.

12. Rutgers

Not sure how to feel about these guys, Definitely on the bubble for me.

13. Denver

Tierney's last year, only reason they're in this spot.

14. Drexel: CAA Champs

Team has looked great up until that loss to Hofstra. Look for them to win the conference, Sean Donnelly is a certified nail gun. These guys or Delaware.

15. Vermont: America East Champs

16. St Joes: Atlantic 10 Champs

17. Jacksonville: ASUN Champs

18. Quinnipiac: MAAC Champs

Easy pick here.

If you think 4 ACC teams are too much go back to bed you nerd. ACC, Big 10, and Big East have the only teams worthy of bids.



Last 2 In: Denver, Rutgers

First 2 Out: UNC, Michigan

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