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Georgetown- WTF is going on

I'm pretty much convinced at this point in the season, the kids on this team don't even want to win they just want to get their MBA and post pictures of DC on their ig stories. Like wtf is going on!? 0-3 are you serious, like I'm not sure who are bigger frauds these guys or the entire Ivy League. I mean this game today wasn't even close like it's one thing if it was hard fought but I mean Dobson and CKav were just dragging their nuts on their heads today. I mean where the fuck is Will Bowens presence on d, this guy was a killer at unc and was piping his teachers in hs. Kevin Warne has seemingly bred a team of wannabe investment banker nerds instead of guys who lift weights, pound natty lite, and win fucking games. I mean it's just ridiculous at this point, hats off to Notre Dame, these dudes are fucking insane and if you don't have them top 2 you're an idiot and should delete your account. Anyways that's my thoughts so far today, going to crack open some ultras for the second half of this duke penn game, hopefully my wife doesn't get too upset at me for drinking at 2!

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