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Does anyone have a chance against Cuse?

Im horned up fellas, Cuse is back. Definitely some areas to improve but lots of positives here. Billy Dwan is a monster, Spallina looks much improved from last year, and Christian Mule is just a specimen to witness. Will Mark will be a top 3 goalie in the country. Also, cuse has a legit number 11 now, the sacred number is back to being fearsome. This offense might score 22 a game. There is no pass Owens Hiltz is afraid to slap around in tight. Guy is giving Cormier some competition for the nickname Big Country. My favorite part of this team is the coaching style of Gait. About mid way through the first quarter he went into the tunnel and came back out with a hot pretzel, a chilli cheese dog and a tall glass of milk. He sat down on the bench and just went to town while on the phone with who I’d assume was his significant other. Love big Gary. Also can’t forget about brother Caccamo, stud.

Usually Cuse likes to suck to begin the year so this could be a sign of great things to come.

They should pound Colgate tonight. Joke of a tilt. Colgate boys think they’re relevant now or something. Only respectable guy on the squad is that fogo Hartzell. Shoutout Rye.

Only Colgate fan I know is Dan Arestia, bad look.

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