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Disappointing performances from the previous top 3.

What a weekend….

Starting with Maryland, this team has the best defense in D1. However, their offense looked abysmal, they don’t have a true initiator and it showed big time against Loyola. Ball movement only goes so far, you need someone (like Rambo, Bernhardt, etc.) to lead a Maryland offense. Daniel Kelly is great but he should never lead that team in points or be the focal point of an offense.

Next is UVA, the polar opposite of Maryland. The offense is unstoppable, but giving up 13 against Michigan??? I hope Michigan is a legit team but allowing that against a team who will most likely not make the playoffs is worrying. Yes, it is February and there is room to improve blah blah blah but outside of Saustad and Kastner, they have some squids at pole. Just hope 46-year-old Lasalla doesn’t lose many draws this year.

Finally, we have Georgetown.

Not a fan of Transfer University. Outside of Dordevic, this offense did not impress me much. Bundy’s stock dropped for me big time, he just can’t create on his own as well as I thought he could. Maybe Johns Hopkins is back and legit but the Hoyas are nowhere near as good as I thought. Hoping this is an overreaction, and it is only February, but not what I was expecting.

Bonus statement:

Not a top team, but for all the Cuse riders right now, calm down. Johnny Richiusa shouldn’t even be in Division 1, he would struggle to start at RIT!!! He is struggling against some duds and the competition only gets harder. Big trouble once they play good teams if they can’t win a faceoff. I’m just as excited as the rest of you, but realistically, this team needs much more time to rebuild.

All in all, this is a harsh but realistic outlook, changes will be made and I am sure there will be lots of improvement, but at the moment, it seems these teams will not be an unstoppable force come May.



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