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College Lacrosse returns this weekend-My top games to watch

Maryland vs Richmond

The undefeated reigning national champs take on a tough opponent of Richmond. Both these teams can get it going offensively as we've seen. Hopefully, the Maryland defense isn't too much for Dalton Young and the Madonna brothers leading the Richmond offense and this game is a firefight. The spiders will have to overcome a lot but I believe they can give the champs a scare. I'll definitely be cracking open a 12-er of Michelob for this game, who cares if it's at 1 pm.

Syracuse vs Vermont

After a disappointing year, Syracuse looks to bounce back strong in game 1, however, Vermont is no easy walkthrough. Always been known to be a gritty labatt blue drinking team that could always make things happen offensively. I mean think about it, you think they have blondes up in Vermont...No all these guys do is practice their finishing and watch Lana Rhoades. This game is also the debut of 22-wearing, incoming number 1 recruit Joey "Campus Curry" Spallina, I expect him to make some plays as well as Owen Hiltz the girthy Canadian makes his return to college lacrosse after missing last year due to a suspect unknown shoulder injury. That said, I expect this game to be a great show of offensive talent.

Duke vs Bellarmine

If you are looking for a one-sided display of offensive firepower this is the game for you. After Duke was snubbed from the tournament last year Danowski is going to have them ready for every game this year. Expect brennan oneil to have some Sportscenter top 10 worthy plays and showcase Duke's firepower this year, I've heard that these guys have been so locked in they only drank vodka red bull with no sugar all last semester. Expect lots of explosive plays and a beatdown, Ill definitely throw in a few upper-deckys for this one.

Army vs St Joes

IDK what to say should be a good game and will see how Army is without Brendan Nichtern and see how they fare against Zach Cole and the 27-year-old Canadians on st joes.

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