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Chetty's week 5 rankings: RIP the Ivy League

HM - Delaware, Penn, St Joes, Boston U, Richmond

20. Jacksonville

People are really high on these guys but man am I not, they are playing shmucks in their shitty conference while everyone else is playing real opponents and getting better

19. Michigan

Two nice wins in a row over Delaware and Harvard this weekend, these guys have a potent offense but will be taken to the woodshed by Notre Dame next weekend

18. Lehigh

Three straight wins for the fellas, Mule, Tiernan, and Scott Cole have been putting in the work

17. Dartmouth

Undefeated, don't know much about these guys other than that Hitchcock is a fucking beauty

16. Loyola

I don't know what the hell happened in the first half against Duke but they looked better in the second half, they'll look to rebound against Bucknell next game.

15. Ohio State

If these dudes could fucking shoot they'd be a top-ten team, but they cannot hit the broadside of a FUCKING BARN. I mean holy shit, I don't know how guys thought Jack Myers was a tewaarton front runner

14. Denver

Tough loss to Yale this week, these guys just kind of exist obviously Stathakis is a fucking beauty but they have a solid team nonetheless

13. Georgetown

This team's progression either is not linear, or Princeton is just fucking trash. They evaded another loss this weekend at home to Richmond and had to start dirty hitting to take out Richmond starting midfielder Lance Madonna, disgrace!

12. North Carolina

Dominant win over Brown this past weekend, kind of mickey mouse with Brown's seven nailguns suspended, but a win is a win and they controlled what they could. The freshman James Matan is starting to shine, the kid is an absolute stud. Still not seeing Zynsner on the scoresheet, I think that's unacceptable and I would like to speak to Metzbower and Breshchi myself about this.

11. Army

Another beatdown win for one of my favorite teams, Reese Burek with an offensive masterclass per usual. These guys are buzzing heading into a big game against lehigh next.

10. Hopkins

I thought they might've been frauds but this team is solid, stayed composed in the 4th quarter to close out the game against Syracuse with a W. They gave Virginia the biggest fight they've seen. Collison is a beast and is easily a top 3 freshman, this guy's potential is unreal.

9. Villanova

Great win over Penn and crowned themselves the kings of Philly. They have a light two games ahead and expect these guys to roll, love this team and their potential.

8. Cornell

Exposed this weekend to some grit and couldn't handle it. Seems like the stars in the ivy league have similar traits besides brandau, turnovers, and missed shots. Not good. This team's defense needs to step up, you can only have Gavin Adler running the show.

7. Yale

IDGAF about this team bro like cool, they beat Denver, however, is an interesting matchup against Cornell next weekend though.

6. Rutgers

Gritty win over Princeton for the jersey cup or some shit. Shane Knobloch fucks, and Sandoval sucks.

5. Penn State

These guys just don't stop, playing fantastically in all aspects. They've given the ivy league a complete facial and look to make Marquette their next victim

4. Maryland

Cupcake game this weekend, they get back to it next weekend in a MASSIVE game against Virginia

3. Duke

Andrew McAdory finally arrived, 3 goals and 6 assists in a beatdown win over Loyola, the team offense looked strong but I'd like to see O'Neil be more aggressive

2. Notre Dame

The gap between 1 and 2 is ridiculously close. An incredible performance from Uncle Entemann and Chris Fake absolutely shutting down Ohio states offense. Not to mention 16 goals on a strong OSU defense and Eric Dobson with 4 snipes.

1. Virginia

I'd give them a B- through their last two games. The defense and Nunes could play better but I'm sure they will be dialed against Maryland. However, with Cormier out the offense is still performing insanely well. Shellenberger had 10 points against Towson and the Malnourished Maestro Xander Dickson had some nasty finishes, Evan Zyn even had a full-field snipe.

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