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Chetty's Week 3 Poll

HM- Lehigh, Delaware, Georgetown, Jacksonville

20. Penn State

A solid win over Yale, let's see if Tambroni can draw some special schemes up to rout Penn

19. Johns Hopkins

No one gives a fuck about these guys anymore they barely beat Utah, and they face St Joes next which is a game that will kinda determine if they are a decent team or not

18. Brown

Devon Mclane has arrived, the bears routed a strong Vermont team by ten yesterday in the snow, I mean I'm not to sure how I feel about this but Theriault, Devon, and "Cousin Aiden" seem to always come through

17. Syracuse

A solid team and will show up and fight, just can't win enough face-offs to get their low-key nasty offense the ball, they face Duke next

16. Villanova

2-1 now and starting to heat up, nice win over Delaware yesterday, they have a light 4 weeks ahead of them and could get hot if they cheef the elf bar pregame

15. Richmond

2-0 on the weekend against decent opponents, the offense could work a little better considering they play fucking VIRGINIA next, ig they did beat them last year

14. Army

The troops rolled Mercer and Wagner avoiding the trap games after beating Rutgers, they get a shitty Holy cross-team next, These guys will be red hot going into their game against Lehigh

13. St Josephs

The race between this team and Richmond in the a10 will be fun, these guys get Hopkins next and that will be an interesting game

12. Princeton

Lol, dumbass frauds, Tyler Sandoval went 6/16 on face-offs, these guys get a shitty Georgetown team next weekend and should be able to get a W but they may fuck it up

11. Yale

These dudes have no defense other than Jared Paquette, If the offense shows up hung, this team is FUCKED

10. Loyola

Fraud alert???? Honestly not sure, I don't think anyone really gave a fuck about this game. It was kind of expected these guys would lose at some point, they face a tough Towson team next

9. Rutgers

Alright Alright Alright maybe I was wrong about these guys either that or the Loyola hype train ran out, regardless these guys are pretty good, but beatable

8. North Carolina

I think UNC is a pretty damn good team, A strong defense with a top 3 goalie and the offense can work well, guys like McGovern, Tillman, Demarco need to show up every game

7. Penn

I honestly think these guys would be better off benching Sam Handley, he can't hit the cage for his fucking life, and it's either that or a turnover. These guys get a tough Penn State team next.

6. Ohio State

This teams offense needs some work, Jack Myers is a fraud and Ohio State can't score goals to save their lives, fantastic defense though except when Payton Cormier cuts on the crease

5. Duke

Big team win over Penn this weekend, as you guys can see good things happen when they cheef the elf bar, the Defense looked strong for the most part until the end, and the offense seemed to work better as a team but I do think they are still figuring things out

4. Cornell

Not really sure how to feel about this team, they could be frauds however they did show up this weekend and grabbed a big win over a good Lehigh team, They play Hobart tomorrow which could be a tough game the statesman always come to play

3. Maryland

Domination win over Princeton, the offense is still figuring things out but I like this Ruppel guy in goal for them, the defense played a lot better with him in the net.

2. Notre Dame

With the Kavs and Dobson running around on Offense I think this team might have a chance to finally bring some hardware to south bend, that said there is the number 1 team though...

1. Virginia

These guys might actually be unstoppable, even with Shellenberger locked up they still blew out Ohio State

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