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Chetty’s Week 10 Poll

HM- Richmond, Vermont, Princeton, Jacksonville

20. Penn

Don't even know what to think of this team anymore, but if I had to use two words: Mickey. Mouse.

19. Delaware

18. Utah

Utes are on a 10000 game win streak or something in their dust ass conference but they did beat JU whatever that's worth

17. St Joes

Escaped a loss from a gritty hobart team, expected a better performance from them honestly

16. Loyola

Not really sure what's going on, I mean BU is a solid team boys but like holy shit man

15. Villanova

Starting to roll back on track to where they'd like to be, blew out Providence and will face a tough Marquette team next

14. North Carolina

Tough loss, I mean I think we know what happens if Zynsner is healthy but you know... Anyways the Heels need to win one of their next two games both being Notre Dame or else their season is over, hope to see them get one

13. Michigan

Still don't really know this team, they seem to have flashes of greatness but their consistency is pretty bad, the Big ten is sort of wide open, Penn State is the favorite but they showed the can compete with them

12. Rutgers

11. Syracuse

With this win it likely secured them a spot in the Tournament, however the next two weeks we'll see how they've progressed as they play Duke and Virginia

10. Army

Brutal loss this weekend, the black knights will most likely have to win the Patriot league to get in the Tournament

9. Denver

Escaped an upset from St. John's and have two sort of cupcakes for their last two games before the big east tournament

8. Georgetown

Shitty performance this week

7. John's Hopkins

Beat up on Ohio State, the bottom of the Big ten team, was great to see honestly

6. Cornell

Mickey Mouse win this weekend, I heard from multiple Army players that the refs would not let Army player Bennet Ong on the field and not only that Cj Kirst couldn't do anything, as usual when he doesn't play an Ivy League team

5. Maryland

Forgot these guys existed to be honest, not really much to say, average performance besides Braden Erska.

4. Penn State

These guys are starting to heat up again and roll, Jack Traynor going off for 6 genos and giving Penn State a hard fought W. If they beat Rutgers next they'll be tied for first in the Big Ten.

3. Virginia

Death, Taxes, and these dudes just losing to Duke in the regular season. If this happens again I think Lars just might explode. But obviously the postseason is a different story. I think Nunes better get ready to learn Chinese, he makes the saves he shouldn't and misses the saves he should and it has a massive impact on the game, obviously the defense didn't play great but these dudes were down I think 8-2 or something like that. I'm not sure, maybe I'm wrong, but his inconsistency is not great for the chemistry of the team defense. Offensively, Mcconveys gotta step up, can't have 1 apple in a game like that. They have Syracuse next.

2. Duke

Just looking like an incredibly complete team, sound defensively, Cousin Naso, dominating the Faceoffs, offense was incredibly balanced Saturday. Their shooting is a bit iffy at times but I mean that'll get better as things get more serious. Only two games left now for the Blue Devils with a long two week break until they play Syracuse and then finish their season a week after with Merrimack.

  1. Notre Dame

Week off so they retain number 1, bet the guys had some fun.

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