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A few players and their go to zyn flavors

Eric Dobson: Coffee

Cousin Eric has a job lined up at Goldman, 6 different financial advisors, and 12 different girlfriends. Every morning he gets his grande blonde roast and slaps three 6 millys in the upper lip. The shits are definitely worth it for the guy. No surprise if he’s a spit swallower as well. 30 goal season incoming.

Big country Payton Cormier: Wintergreen

No surprise here really, after working an unpaid 30 hour shift, nothing is better than and entire tin in the right cheek. Not sure where Big Country was January 6th but I think I have an idea. Absolute hammer right here, he has an underwater welding job in the pacific lined up post-graduation. Rough handed, blue-collar cowboy right here.

Charlie Iler: Chill

Ever met this guy? Biiiiig chiller right here. 3 tins a day and always washes the first one down with a Bang before 8am Econ. Guy loves going to Formula 1 races and taking his Tacoma up to the Cape. Can’t surf but tells chicks he does and they believe with no hesi. So chill and should be starting this year.

Jack Posey: Spearmint

Only flavor that keeps his breath fresh and up to par. After Sunday Mass he buys 1 tin that will get him through the week with ease. He’s the only collegiate athlete without a raging nicotine addiction. He loves sailing and majestic hikes through the woods. Please date my daughter Jack she’s ugly but you’re just the best.

Owen Duffy: Cool Mint

Humble guy, doesn’t want to be too flashy just wants something that gets the job done. The only guy on the list to put em in the lower lip and achieves inner peace by doing so. I’ve heard he’s already become a regular at the APhi house down at Chapel Hill. My pick for rookie of the year in the ACC.

Cole Kluepfel: Menthol

Drexel Legend. Guy is a psycho. Spent his early years playing overseas in Japan where he learned discipline and honor. He uses menthol to challenge his mind and overcome his mortal enemy, himself. He once strangled a mountain lion using a Lakota 2 and pre wrap. Excited to see what he brings to the table. After his usual dinner of finely sliced salmon, he indulges in a few menthol pouches to strengthen his mind before fortnite with the bros.

Logan Mcnaney: Citrus

Logan spends his summers as a soul cycle instructor and helping his dad with the sheep. He averages a tin a month because he prefers substances that give more of a kick. People seem to have forgotten this guy exists. Top 3 goalie in the country. Avid breaking bad fan, tries to say bitch the same way Jesse Pinkman does.

Evan Plunkett: Peppermint

A guy with class right here. Has a very thorough zyn setup. Uses the same spitter every time that he washes every Monday and Thursday. He says it reminds him of the holidays and being back home hunting in Georgia. He loves the show Friends and plays pickleball with his buddies at the local Y on Wednesdays. Stud.

Paul Rabil: Cinnamon

Idk the only gay lacrosse player I know.

Dan Arestia is fat blob of fuck I hate that bum.

Cheers, Greg

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